Muscle Recovery: Foot + Shin Pain

FOOT or SHIN PAIN || How much time do you spend working on muscle recovery? Maybe you don’t even really know what that means … so how could you be working on it?? This is one of the hardest lessons for my athletes and clients to learn. All your training and work is worthless, if your body cannot recover! 

When we strength train or push our body to new limits, we cause damage to a given area. The damage is microscopic, but there are tiny tears & micro-injuries that occur. It is when our body HEALS these areas that we become bigger and stronger. What happens when you body cannot keep up with demand? Pain, tension, numbness/tingling &/or restrictions in range of motion. 

Foam rolling and lacrosse ball trigger point work are great ways for clients to help treat themselves. With foam rolling you want to stay on muscle bellies, stay in sore areas longer until the pain decreases. This is also a great way to bring blood to an area prior to working out. Lacrosse ball trigger point work goes a bit deeper & is more specific. W/ the ball find the area w/ the most pain, stay on that one spot oscillating around it for about 2.5-3 minutes or until the pain fades away. 

Example: If you suffer from shin splints, plantar fasciitis, weak arches or just had a really long stressful day … this simple release can provide a lot of relief.  Put the lacrosse ball on the bottom of the foot  right in front of the heel bone. You control how much pressure you put on the ball, go deep as you can handle it. Massage the entire bottom of the foot. Paying special attention to the areas that are sore. Once you finish one side, see how much different it feels from side to side. You can easily do this while you are brushing your teeth or making dinner!

Enjoy! Remember, Movement is Medicine!