Trigger Point Release

Do you have radiating pain down your back and into your glutes or legs? What about constant tension in your hips and hamstrings? If so, try this easy couple minute trigger point release. Use a lacrosse or tennis ball, depending on your level of comfort. A lacrosse ball is less forgiving and gets deeper.

When trying to release a trigger point, the biggest flaw is that we usually don’t work on the area long enough for the release. We should stay on one area for about 2-3 minutes, or until you feel the pain drop from about 8-9/10 t0 1-2/10. Finding the trigger points can be hard at times, a trigger point is usually found in areas of injury or chronic problems. It can feel like a lump or hard part of the muscle, that when compressed causes discomfort. You’re looking for the areas that cause the most discomfort.

Here are the key areas to hit if you want a low back release.

R Low Back Pain and/or Radiating pain → Glutes both sides → Low back muscles both sides (next to spine and above pelvis crest to lower rib cage) → Muscles in between shoulder blade and spine on opposite side.

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