Women Empowerment

I am going to use these posts to highlight the woman I surround myself with, who truly inspire me, each and every day. This week my shout out goes out to Dr. Lauren Love of Love House Call Chiropractic. This chick drew me in with her wicked personality & her care-free attitude. I met this lady in graduate school in St. Louis & quickly sparked a very easy going friendship. While we both are very Type A with a sprinkle of OCD on top, we complimented each other well in helping + driving the other to better in school, but to always remember that there is much more to life than good grades.

Some of my great memories are simply nights spent on this girls deck in the summer, sipping red wine & laughing about just how crazy grad school life could be. We talked about our futures & our dreams to come, but always seemed so close but yet so far away. I don’t think I ever told her this, but she was a big support for me during one of the most stressful times of my life. She help remind me of what was really important & to forget what others think.

Fast forward to now, and Dr. Lauren lives in beautiful Colorado with her adorable little family. She worked for someone else while getting her feet wet in her new hometown, but eventually decided she wanted more. After months of researching & talking with other professionals, she decided to open up a mobile chiropractic office. Right away I knew this was an amazing opportunity for her to do what she absolutely loves, but with her own unique twist. She is able to deliver quality care in the comfort of her patient’s own homes. She has found herself a wonderful focus for her practice in prenatal & pediatric care. Let me tell you, the ladies love her!

She is actually my inspiration for starting my own house call practice! I owe a lot to this lady, so I guess I just start with a giant THANK YOU! Cheers to the future success for both of us!

Check her out if you or a loved one is in the Denver, CO area!