Women Empowerment

I am going to use these posts to highlight the woman I surround myself with, who truly inspire me, each and every day. This week my shout out goes out to Dr. Anna Vogel of Columbus Spine & Sport Center. This woman was my first true friend when I moved to St. Louis for graduate school. This friendship felt like it was predetermined and written into the stars even before we met. She felt magnetic to me.

So of course we skipped the new friend stage and immediately whisked ourselves into being best friends who did about everything together. Her determination and focus during school really helped me to realize, that if you put your mind to anything you will find a way. We pushed each other to be better in every way, whether it was helping me out with school work, lending her body to me try practice my techniques (yikes - sorry friend!), or even being a great friend who helped me realize my self worth. I could always count on her.

Dr. Anna and her soon to be hubby own & run @columbusspineandsport. It has been amazing to see Anna grow and blossom after graduating. I know how much work and thought they put into preparing the opening of their business and how much they continue to grow in their community. Dr. Anna’s passion for working out easily transferred her into multiple coaching opportunities at gyms so that she can continue to spread health & wellness within her community. On top of being a rocking coach, she herself is a Crossfit athlete and has competed in competitions! Pretty impressive I’d say.

I am so lucky to have this woman in my life. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

P.S. - Thanks for introducing me to the man of my dreams