Posture Challenge: How Good is Your Posture?

How good is your posture really? Let’s check six common posture flaws that I see on a daily basis. 

How the challenge works, Dr. Shanele will give you six examples of ideal vs. poor posture. Study the photos and be honest with yourself, which one reflects your body positioning throughout your day? Now this is not, “Can I fix these flaws when told to” and more so, “Does my body naturally slip into this position when I am not paying attention?” This gives a more accurate idea of your posture habits, because our posture is mainly a subconscious thing. We don’t constantly think about how we hold our body in space, we just do it!

Challenges are much more fun with a buddy, so challenge a friend who you think could use this. See how you guys compare!

Rounded T_S vs. Neutral.jpeg

Example 1 → Rounded Back vs. Upright & Stacked Back

Rounded Shoulders vs. None.png

Example 2 → Internal Rotation of Shoulders vs. Neutral Position of Shoulders

AHC vs. Neutral Neck.jpeg

Example 3 → Anterior Head Carriage (Chin Poke) vs. Neutral Neck

Text vs Neutral Neck.jpeg

Example 4 → Text/Reading/Study Neck vs. Neutral Neck

Phone Call vs. Neutral neck.jpeg

Example 5 → Cellphone Ear + Shoulder Pinch vs. Neutral Neck

Lumbar Flexion vs. Neutral.jpeg

Example 6 → Seated Lean Fwd vs. Seated Neutral or Extended Low Back

* The pictures on LEFT are posture failures!

Failed 1-2 Examples = Hey, you’ve got pretty decent posture. Rock on

Failed 3-4 Examples = Ehh, you’re no better than mediocre.

Failed 5-6 Examples = Woah bro - you’ve got some pretty poor posture.

Where did you land on the grading scale? If you’re not satisfied with your results, how can you improve these areas? The first step in correcting anything, is making your body aware of it. Most of you probably were not aware of your poor posture habits, but now that you are enlightened - are you going to continue to let is slide or are you going to do something about it?

Shanele Lundahl