Women Empowerment

I am going to use this day to highlight the woman I surround myself with, who truly inspire me, each and every day. This week my #wcw goes out to my friend Kala. Kala is one of my longest standing friends to this day … I believe we first met in elementary school as little munchkins, those were the days.

Kala was always that friend who could make you see the true you, and make you feel absolutely wonderful for just being you. It’s like Kala is able to see past the superficial layers that society & we put on ourselves, and see the soul underneath. She always knew exactly what to say to make you not only feel better, but feel stronger as well. As if she gives a piece of her fire to take with you, when your flame is weak. Kala puts an incredible amount of energy out into the world, and it’s always self sacrificing. Plus Kala always does it with a smile.

This woman inspires me everyday because not only are her husband and her raising their first son together, but they have put both of themselves through school, even after baby came. Kala helped support not only her family, her husband during law school, but she herself is finishing up here soon. She first completed a Bachelor’s in Microbiology, then continued on to work on her Doctorates in Pharmacology. She is currently in clinical rotations until Spring of 2019. Her plan is to attend a residency program after her graduation and practice hospital pharmacy.

So thank you Kala, for always keeping my flame lit. You are truly one of a kind friend.