Women Empowerment

I am going to use this day to highlight the woman I surround myself with, who truly inspire me, each and every day. This week my #wcw goes out to my friend Hannah. Hannah & I go WAY back. Our families have been friends since before we graced our families - lol (emoji). I’ve always loved having this rad chick on my side, because let me tell you - you don’t want to be going against her in any kind of competition. She has been playing w/ & BEATING the boys since she first laced up.

Hannah was a uncool & left me in Wyoming during her last couple HS years so she could compete at a much higher level of ice hockey out in Vermont! Even though I was sad to see her go, I knew she was destined for much bigger things. She always made it back in time for soccer season though! Bless her - she was our amazing goalie! Obviously she then landed a full ride scholarship to play D1 Vermont Hockey. She majored in business entrepreneurship with a double minor in advertising & communications. Once she was finished crushing it in the college rink, she quickly entered into Professional Women’s Hockey! She played for Sweden, Finland, & Australia. To say I vicariously lived through the pictures & stories she sent me during this time is the understatement of the year!

Even though Hannah retired from Professional Hockey she couldn’t keep herself away from the ice for too long. Now she has her own private hockey company & coaches at North American Hockey Academy, where she trains elite female hockey players & placing them in top division 1 & 3 NCAA programs! You can find her teaching youth hockey camps all over during the summer. I find it incredibly beautiful to see how much hockey changed & shaped Hannah’s life, then for her to give right back into the community itself. She especially is inspiring to the next generation of female athletes!

Hannah - I’ll never forgive you for leaving me alone in Wyoming for those few months. You’ll have to spend the rest of your life being my friend to make up for it!