Women Empowerment

I am going to use this day to highlight the woman I surround myself with, who truly inspire me, each & every day. Something that brings me true joy is to see empowered women, empowering other women. How we light up when we others help us to see the greatness within ourselves. How as individuals we are powerful, but together we are unstoppable.

This week my #wcw goes out to my friend Kelly. I met Kelly a few years ago at a mutual friend’s Christmas party. Per usual, she met me at the snack table as I was devouring some delicious appetizers. She immediately made me feel welcomed and treated me like I belonged, even though we had just met. I remember thinking that she not only seemed genuinely kind, but like she actually cared to hear what you were saying. It was a breath of fresh air for me. Quickly we sparked a friendship and before you knew it, we didn’t really know what life was like before each other.  

Kelly graduated from FAU with a bachelor’s in political science in 2009, then started law school at St. Thomas University. She worked incredibly hard and finally graduated in 2011 the day before she married the love of her life! After the honeymoon she quickly went to work at Power McNails law firm, in which she went on to make Jr. partner by the age of 30. She currently is working as an associate at the Law Firm of Groelle & Salmon, where she specializes in insurance law.

Kelly is one driven woman and it is amazing to watch her in action. She is confident and in control, even amongst the craziest of days at the office. She takes on caseloads that would make others crumble and always ends up on the other side. She is an incredible advocate for her friends, believing in them more than they believe in themselves - myself in particular. Kelly has helped me in times in which I wasn’t able to see the light in myself. Reminding me of all that I am and all that I can be and lending a hand to hold along the way.

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