The Desk Life

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Many people develop painful backs due to movement flaws. Movement flaws cause repeated or prolonged loading that is abnormal for the tissue, so it slowly becomes painful. For some jobs this might be obvious to the layperson, such as heavy manual labor jobs, because in these jobs the workers are not only body through numerous repetitive movements daily but they are usually moving a heavy load with it. But what about the less obvious dangerous jobs for your back that nobody tells you about, such as a desk job?

Yes, a desk job is more detrimental to the health of your back than you previously thought. Sitting in one position, a position that is not normal to our bodies, leads to many tissues becoming overloaded and weaknesses in our only built-in defense mechanism, our core. Patients who come in with these issues are taught good ergonomic practices and how to move better through these repetitive movements at work.  When we are moving well we rescue our joints from high load, in turn reducing the risk of degenerative conditions.