TRX + Squats

TRX Squats.jpeg

TRX bands are amazing at helping clients re-learn proper squat form, especially when paired with resistance bands around ankles or knees. When we injure ourselves and/or develop poor movement patterns from excessive repetitive motions, we continue to constantly stress that area even after the injury has healed. Especially when we injure ourselves and pain comes into play. When it’s painful to move a certain way, our body will find a way to move with the least amount of stress or pain possible at that time. However, these are called compensations and over time compensations cause more chronic problems when we continue to move improperly.

With clients we focus on these problematic movement patterns by stripping it down to its core mechanics and build up from the foundation. We focus on teaching proper form and good functional movement patterns. In this video we are focusing on getting back good muscle memory for good squat form.

TRX bands allow the client to have some support while lowering down into his squat by hinging at his hip, rather than his low back like his body prefered. The bands around his ankles place stress on the outside of his ankle, forcing him keep those hips externally rotated and no inward collapse of his knees or ankles. For some extra burn, make the client side step to either side while in full squat position.