Treatment Options

How can I help you today?


Concierge House Call 


Dr. Lundahl will travel to your home to treat you. During the visit the Dr. will perform a tailored combination of chiropractic, soft tissue and rehab/exercises in order to help correct the issue at hand. The soft tissue can include graston, cupping and/or trigger point work.


Trigger Point Release


Doctor locates and works on those knots & painful regions within the muscles that are causing symptoms. Once located, we work out the area with deep pressure and movement until the muscle-fascial connection is released. Bringing new blood and healing to the area.


Therapeutic Stretching


Therapeutic stretching is different from your regular stretching in that with this kind of stretching we are targeting certain issues. The doctor will stretch out particular joints and fascial planes, in order to get you a deeper & more satisfying relief.




Cupping is a form of deep tissue work, that works to break up adhesions and increase the circulation to a desired area. This is different from other techniques as it is a vacuum, rather than deep pressure. Most the benefits come from the increased circulation, therefore healing.



Graston is an innovative, evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that allow clinicians effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions.


Strength Training or Rehab Program

Doctor creates an individualized plan that targets your weaknesses to help improve acute/chronic issues while still increasing your overall strength. Programs are 4-6 weeks long. Get 1:1 instruction for 60 min. on how to perform lifts on own. Reach your goals quicker and safer.