With a concierge service visit Dr. Lundahl will travel to your home or office in order to bring the treatment to you. With treatment Dr. Lundahl first begins by getting to know the patient’s goals, medical and/or injury history. Next a focused physical exam of the area of concern in order to properly diagnose and develop a treatment plan specific for the patient. Treatment includes everything that Dr. Lundahl has determined to be necessary in order to decrease pain, decrease tension, increase mobility and increase functionality. The treatment may include some form of soft tissue and muscle work, stretching, rehab exercises or manipulation. 

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The key to maintaining a healthy pain-free lifestyle is to be active in preventative measures.


What is a chiropractic manipulation? Manipulation is a tool used by professionals in order to put motion into a joint that is either not moving enough or not moving at all. Your body has numerous joints within it, and their entire purpose is to aid movement.

When joints are not able to move properly is when we tend to feel more pain. This is because when our joints move they send a signal to the brain which overrides all other signals, making it harder for us to feel pain.

When that signal is taken away, the overriding signal becomes pain. So the saying, "Movement is medicine" takes on a completely different meaning, because quite literally the more you move the healthier of life you will lead.

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It's never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest, best version of yourself.  


What is soft tissue? The soft tissue category includes muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. These tissues work together in order to move your body around, maintain upright posture, send nerve signals across and help circulate blood to name just a few important roles. Since we use our soft tissues constantly throughout the day, you can begin to see how it is easy for certain areas to become overworked and overstressed due to high repetition.

Sometimes these consistent stresses overwhelm the tissues and you can be stuck feeling a lot of tension and/or pain. When this happens muscles can become adhered to the surrounding fascia, restricting motion and gliding of the muscle, loss of blood supply to tensed area, and inflammation can build up in the tendon sheath, all contributing to pain felt in the given area.

With soft tissue complaints Dr. Lundahl focuses on detecting the exact area contributing to the patient’s complaints and removing the problem. Soft tissue treatment can include pin & stretch of muscle, trigger point therapy, scrapping technique, cupping and/or functional stretching.


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Deep pressure and trigger point work. 
Dr. Lundahl using a scrapping tool to aid her soft tissue treatment. 

Dr. Lundahl using a scrapping tool to aid her soft tissue treatment. 

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